Daily-AffirmationsDaily affirmations is a powerful way to create your future in the present. Affirmations connect with Spirit by choosing positivity over negativity. We all have had years, decades, and even lifetimes of negative thought patterns.  It takes conscious effort to change these beliefs on who we are, or want to become. Affirmations modify the way we think, experience, and view life.

How to identify and choose daily affirmations to reprogram your thinking:

Think of something that you want to create and experience in your life now. You may wish to look at some negative beliefs and change them into your new reality.

Old thought belief: "I can't afford to go out, I do not have any money."

New Affirmation: "I am abundant and creating wealth in my life now!"

Personalizing Daily Affirmations in the Present Tense:

It is important to personalize daily affirmations by using the words "I", and avoid the term "We" or "Us". This exercise is all about YOU, and not about anybody else. When you personalize your affirmations, you are on the RoadMap to Personal Power.

Write your affirmations in the PRESENT tense by using the term "I AM." By using the present tense, you are creating your reality in the here and now. Avoid the terms "I WILL", or "I CAN", as these words are things which you are not inviting into your life NOW! 

Examples of personalizing daily affirmations in the present tense:

"I love and accept myself exactly as I am."  

"I am healthy, happy, and abundant in my life now."

"I am masculine and sensitive."

"I am feminine and powerful."

How to Incorporate Affirmations into your Daily Life:

Changing negative subconscious belief systems which have been in place for years takes time, practice, and repetition. Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier than normal and have a journal next to your bed. In the beginning, choose one affirmation, and write that down in your journal ten times. 

Writing down your daily affirmations is the same as writing down your goals. Your sub-conscious mind will want to place hurdles and barriers up as it has become an expert of executing old beliefs. Writing down your affirmations helps overcome these barriers on your path to owning your personal power. You will be more successful in being the affirmation that you write as opposed to just saying them.

After writing your daily affirmation ten times, go to the bathroom and look at yourself in the mirror and repeat your daily affirmation ten times out loud.

By incorporating this simple; yet very effective spiritual practice, you are on your RoadMap to Personal Power!