Excerpt from Chapter 19: Love / Vulnerability

“You May Search the Universe for Someone More Worthy

Of Your Love and Affection than You Are Yourself

But Such A Person Does Not Exist.”

-Buddhist Proverb

Love is everywhere on this planet. It is in everything we see, hear, and feel. It is in everyone we meet. Every blade of grass, every flower, every cloud, every sunset, and every spec of dust has Love deeply encoded in its biology. Love exists around and thru us, and is the very reason why we were all created! We came into this existence in total Love, total Acceptance, and free of all judgments, all discriminations.

Finding that Unconditional Love for yourself and others is a true Soul Mission. We need to stop wrestling with fear, “less than,” and “not good enough” feelings, as we are a Divine treasure. This is the journey we will take together, for I am here with you, feeling it all. This is not a teaching book, it is a book of discovery. I hope that it will spark those feelings deep within your soul that give you the courage and the will-power to search your own being-ness. I hope you will find the answers that feel the best deep inside, the feelings that truly resonate with your soul.

It is said we were an experiment in Free-Will-Choice, since nowhere else in the solar system has been set up that way. It is said that we have passed the markers in this cycle and that now we will be able to move forward. Whether this is true or not, I feel in my heart that all of us here are starving for real Love. We all deeply desire to be on a planet of truth, sincerity, Love, honesty, kindness, and compassion.

“Love Is The Universal Language Translator.”

-Author Unknown

So then why is this four-letter-word “Love” so sought after, yet so misunderstood? Could it be that we never really connected or learned how to feel it from our heart center, not our minds? Real Love comes from deep within us, not from the images we see in our minds of valentines and cupids. Our intuition actually holds the keys to Love and that was something that was never taught. Love is an inside job that actually starts within ourselves, not with or around another, as we once were taught. Could it be that we, as a society, failed to view Love from a higher standpoint, a higher vision? Could we be viewing Love from just our human Egoic Mind, rather than our Heart Mind? Do we view ourselves as humans struggling to find infinite connection on this Earth with a human mentality? How come we all strive for Love, but end up hurting each other in the process? We all crave it mainly because we may have never truly received it from ourselves, from our family of origins, or from our ancestors. Maybe we are all constantly looking outward for its manifestation, outward in a place in a society that had never learned how to truly Love unconditionally in the first place! So you see, it was not obtainable. Gratefully Unconditional Love is here for you now, through your journey on the RoadMap to Personal Power!

Workbook Includes: Affirmations and 6 Exercises: Loving Yourself, Loving Your Inner Child, Healing Old Wounds with Love, Help with Love when Needed, Asking Your Higher Self Some Important Questions, and Ideas to Fill Your life with More Love!

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