Excerpt from Chapter 1: Awareness

When We Become Responsible for Every Thought, Word, and Action as 

Ours, and Not Blame or Put Onto Another,

We Become The Masters of Our Awareness, Our Destiny.

This book is meant to assist you on the journey into Unconditional Love and self-healing. The very first step in this work is Awareness. Through Awareness, we can see who we really are and learn to take life’s ups and downs graciously and with ease. We are able to step back and look at our feelings and emotions knowing they exist to view, validate, experience, understand, Love, and then move on. We will be conscious that they are here to bring us better understanding, clarity of being, compassion, and Love for oneself and others.

Awareness is our ticket to the higher dimensions, to our own personal freedom. With it we learn to let go, to cruise the open road into adventure and joy, and to find the true meaning for our life and our own unique Soul Mission. You see and find purpose in your life, in your experiences, and in what you have felt and why. You understand how the darkness has affected you and those who you have come in contact with. Through Awareness, you view all from a Higher perspective. It’s not religious and it’s not academic. It just is.

When you realize and are Aware that you hold all the Power, not your doctor, lawyer, or clergyman, you then have the PhD on you, for you, and you alone are in the driver’s seat of your life! When we are Aware that every action we take, and every word we speak, has a consequence to all of us, we lead life differently.

Awareness makes you responsible because you develop integrity and transparency in all that you do. We may think that someone else controls our thoughts (our parents, our mate), but in fact the opposite is true in Awareness. We realize we have the total responsibility to change or stay the same. We have Free-Will-Choice in every moment on how our life will be and the more Aware we are, the easier our drive thru life will be. We understand we have the choice to be angry, sad, joyful, compassionate, or loving in every moment. The choice is fully ours and ours alone when we are aware.

True Personal Power is About Finding the Happiness and Joy

in Being Aware of All that You Are, As You Are.

When we stay in harmony with all of life’s twists and turns with our Awareness, we align our heart and our mind to form our Heart Mind. The Heart Mind then becomes a powerful Creator of our life’s experiences, and we can actually view our lives as they are being played out. We become keenly Aware that we are the actor, the producer, and the director of how it will be and how our life will go. It takes great courage, strength, and steadfastness to look at one’s shadow parts, declare them, and be vulnerable. This is not for the faint of heart. It’s a tough job to take back the Personal Power you were born with, and declare it as yours! This can and will be done thru Awareness!

Workbook Includes: Affirmations & 3 Exercises: Steps to Awareness, Acceptance, and Intentions

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