Body Protection

What is Energy

How Does it Affect Me?


Energy is who you really are!

Energy surrounds us and is part of us. Our Universe is made from energy and it is fundamental to the existence of everything. Energy is the dynamic aspect of life with no form or weight. It is Light and movement. Humans are energy transformers. When you are filled with energy, you are capable of exerting your thoughts into physical reality.

This is an amazing statement that means we are far more powerful than we ever realized or believed! We actually have Personal Power way beyond what we ever thought. We have been endowed by our Creator with energy support systems that aid us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Energy Support Systems:
Our Chakras
Our Aura
Our Life Force
Our Spirit

Physical Energy Support Systems:
Pituitary and Pineal Glands

Our Spiritual Energy Support System needs to have our Spirits well encased in our bodies to have us operating to our highest potential. Thus our Spirit must reach throughout the whole body from the tips of our fingers and to the end of our toes.

When we use all of our Energy Centers along with our thoughts, we can actually direct and heal the living matter in our cells. We can change the energy of our minds and our bodies. Our cells hear what we say to them. They react to our feelings and our thoughts through Body Love!

We can touch deep into the spiritual, physical, and mental energy systems of our bodies, minds, and spirits. We are the Activator, the Director of our life force energy systems. In reality, we really are the Commander of our souls. We own our Personal Power!

For years my Spirit was not fully connected in my body. Early on I had learned about chakras and had believed that to be holy, one lived in the upper 3 chakras (the upper quarter of the body meaning the head, neck, and upper torso).  Thus my Spirit was not well encased in my body. At times I literally felt I was not fully connected to my body. I often thought this was the holy way to evolve spiritually. I now believe when this happens, it can be a contributing factor to many health issues involving the lower part of the body.

In Body Love we realize it is the totality of connectedness of our mind, body, and spirit that bring in vital life force energy. When we disconnect from any body part we cause a loss of energy in the entire mental, physical, and spiritual systems. That’s why staying balanced and in harmony with your whole being-ness is so very important. Our physical bodies are actually the vehicle with which we ascend to the upper dimensions while still here on earth. We don’t go someplace… We actually stay in our body. When we do, our peace, harmony, compassion, and Body Love help us to evolve and change our frequency/ vibrational energy to higher realms while still being her on earth.This website has many healing modalities to facilitate your journey into loving all of oneself and moving into higher dimensions.

This is your RoadMap to Personal Power… Creating a high energy system through your Body Love by honoring everything that makes you unique and special. Loving our Divine humanness and that of others, is why we are all really here. It is our very important Soul Mission into self-discovery, self-actualization, and self-Love.