Protection Aura





Body Love


Today everyone is fearful for their safety and protection. The Light is moving massive amounts of darkness that has been hidden for years up and out very quickly so everyone can see it.  Many brave souls have volunteered their lives to help stop the bloodshed, the pain, and the violence that has been on this planet for eons. The efforts of Lightworkers around the world is paying off. It might not look like it right now, or exactly how we all had planned it, but never-the-less, people are moving towards peace and Love. We all are feeling the need for safety and protection because everything is so violent and readily portrayed. It is all in clear view for us to see via the broadcasted on our television, computer, and cell phone screens. It is in our face constantly and it can sometimes distort our vision. Major weather disasters are happening around the globe. People’s emotions or on slow simmer… or a raging boil!

So what can we do about all this?

Spirit says, “Keep the faith. Change is happening, as people are waking up to the Light.” With all this turmoil, people don’t know what to do or how, we just want change. We can see unrest happening everywhere around the globe. As I participate in spiritual programs, there are people from around the globe all wanting the same thing: peace in themselves, peace in their families, peace on their roads and in their environments.

We all know that change starts from the inside with real Body Love. Change cannot come from outside ourselves, but from the very depths of our beings. All this starts with our Divine Quantum bodies. We must believe we are the change, we can change, and that there is a higher guiding Light showing us the way. Then, action and interaction will need to come forward in our lives.

What is important in Body Love, is to remember is that we are safe at all times. We will intuitively be told what to do and when. With this belief, we know we will be in the right place at the right time and that “All is well.” Some examples are: When you see pictures of a devastating fire that has ravaged an area, you often see one or two homes perfectly preserved like nothing ever happened. I always wondered: How that could happen? How one or two homes could be completely spared of any damage, still looking totally pristine and perfect. Or, the hurricanes and tornadoes where there is such complete devastation with nothing left of a home but rubble and you see that everyone escaped unhurt! How can this be? Can it be Divine Intervention? Mothers picking up 250 pound cars to save their child! Did all these people change their reality with their thoughts their beliefs, intentions, and visualization? What are the answers to these amazing stories with one common thread: it is out of our range of understanding. In most all these cases, those involved prayed and they believed in a Higher Power and their lives dramatically changed.

In Body Love, we must know and feel deep inside ourselves that we are protected always in everything we do. Our cells hold the blueprint for Higher Awareness. We just have to hold the vision and the awareness the all-knowing: we are safe and protected.

I firmly believe that in the times I have became un-protected, was when I let myself go into fear. When we do this, more negative energies attach. We then find it very difficult to unlock the darker heavier energies, and our fear attracts them. Especially when we stay in fear of the darkness hurting us! We just bring on more of the same. Like my Blog on Mirror Relationsips and other articles throughout the website explain, our thoughts can/will bring us exactly what we don’t want.

Think of yourself as the Wise Elder of your body. The Mother or Father watching over and caring for the body. Your mental body wants to get a lot done and will often push the physical body into action. But the Wise Elder knows that balance is essential on this very important journey into one’s own Personal Power into Body Love. The journey into kindness, compassion, and Love of self. A healing to the body, mind, and spirit that has been waiting to come in since the beginning of man’s existence. The true Love of Self, which has been absent for generations of the family of man. This brings about safety and protection within, that then permeates out in all our actions and reactions.

As soon as our thoughts of not being safe arise and we feel our bodies constrict and a nervous anxiety develop around us, we must realize we need to  jump into action and go into Body Love. We need to ground ourselves, wiggle our toes, watch our breathing and stay in the awareness that we are Divinely protected at all times. The more we stay only in Love, the more protected and safe we are. When we see ourselves from a Higher Quantum self, we change the Epigenes in our bodies. This starts a rippling effect…

If we realize fear as been on the planet for eons, and we are here to be the change, doesn’t it seem our duty, our mission, would be to transform all which has always been in our ancestry that is within all of us? That the only way to do that would to be Holy Warriors of the Light! To be the goodness that is within all of us, in each nucleus of every cell. Changing our biology and our blueprint to our highest evolvement. This is the answer to all of it!

Thus in Body Love, we are tapping into that Divine realm in all that we do, say, and feel by connecting with all the holy parts of ourselves in sacred communion. A blending of the Divine Human to be the gods we were meant to be! This is our Soul Mission.

When the nervousness, anxiety, worry, or fear comes, please remember this is not you. You are the Quantum being with nothing defining you, as you are made of stardust. Your potential is unfathomable and all of it starts with your beliefs. Your beliefs set off your biology, which then changes your Epigenomes into Quantum Action. When you use Affirmations such as: “this Fear is Not Me. I am a Quantum Being. I have unlimited untapped potential,” this also changes your brain waves into believing in a new reality. Use your imagination to feel and see yourself above any fear, nervousness, or worry. Know that always everything is divinely orchestrated. Amazing events, miracles, and synchronicities can/will come forward when you are living from Body Love and Your own Personal Power!…