heart worldEpigenetics & Body Love

There is new secret that is held in the most revolutionary and important field of
Epigenetics. This is the science of the future, which will change our entire reality! Epigenetics is the science of how we can actually talk to our DNA through spoken words, phrases, etc. The prefix “Epi” means “above.” Therefore, Epigenetics literally means “above genetics.”


So what is Epigenetics and how does it work?

In our bodies, we have Epigenes that attach to our cells. These Epigenes have control over (and above) the genes/DNA inside our cells. They actually tell our genes what to do. Science has proven that the Epigenome (the many compounds that tell the genome what to do) responds to the environment to stress, diet toxins, and other factors that regulate gene expression in a negative way. On the contrary, it also can respond to diet, exercise, and positive thinking in a good, uplifting way!

Epigenetic Scientists are discovering and proving how when we “talk” to our cells, that actually rewrite how the genes express themselves. This means in the future, we will learn how to create a conscious channel with our DNA through thoughts, words, and actions that will be specially scripted for the desired outcome.

The importance of all this scientific knowledge is that we can start now to actually transform our cellular biology with our thoughts. Many scientists have spoken in length about how the way we talk to ourselves creates our biology. If we can learn Body Love, we will form a loving bond with our cells. This then has a lot to do with aging or deterioration of the cell structure to disease.

Science is finding a connection between Epigenetics and cancer, obesity, and autism, just to name a few. For example, scientists have found that in obesity, unfavorable change(s) in the Epigenome can lead to weight gain, along with many other factors. This explains why you often hear that stress and lack of sleep can often contribute to changes in the metabolism and weight gain. With all this amazing new research, there are already Epigenetic drugs for use in cancer that have had amazing results.

On a very practical manner, think of how positive affirmations said slowly and out loud to oneself, could then lead to changes in your cellular genetic structure. To start this practice, please visit the Affirmations Page for many free positive affirmations targeting various emotions. What is most important….Is to believe in your gifts and to start with the intention of creating the reality you desire!

It also helps to understand how the beauty of nature can alter your cellular structure. However, when that is not possible just viewing beautiful nature pictures in this website’s Nature Gallery with positive thoughts and affirmations, can help change your attitude! With time, this can then create a miracle and change your physical makeup because your DNA knows what you think. Knowing this, it is important to remember that your everyday negative thoughts and feelings left unchecked, can cause impairment of your DNA and health issues down the line.

I have always believed that the nucleus of every cell contains our Creator Imprint. If you believe the same, imagine how important it is on all levels of one’s existence to speak kindly and lovingly to all your cells with Body Love?

That makes all of us a living, breathing, Spiritual Emissaries of Light. Our RoadMap to Personal Power lies in our voice, our actions, our environment, who we connect with and why. What you look at, think, and listen to is all heard at a much deeper level within you.

What if all of this is a Divine Mission into Body and Soul Love?

For ultimately, it’s in our choice to make everything a conscious contact with ourselves and our Creator. We choose to be the difference that Makes a difference on this beautiful blue planet called Earth!…