See With Your Heart 


“To Keep The Body In Good Health Is A Duty….

Otherwise We Shall Not Keep Our Mind Strong And Clear.”





It is so important that we are kind and sweet to our bodies and the planet. By honoring them with our Loving time and attention, we are also honoring the Earth. The cells of our bodies know what we say to them. Our cells actually hear every word we say. They feel the vibration of every thought we think. They are actually just waiting for us to connect with them. They are our navigation signal, our RoadMap to Personal Power, our guides to health and emotional wellbeing.

Our cells just want what we all want: Love, peace, acceptance, compassion, and empathy. Can we ask ourselves in this moment: Are we giving that to our cellular structure? Are we communicating Love to our cells? Do we help them when they are down, tired, and misaligned? Do our cells know more than we think they do? A good example of Cellular Love Communication would be to see a little child run from play crying with a scratch or bruise. They are crying because it hurts. When Mommy sees their tears and hugs them, giving the boo-boo Love, the child often will run back out to play. The child’s cells felt the words of Love and responded. Adults can (and should) follow the same premise. It all starts with talking kindly to oneself with respect, compassion, and Love.

We Are Always Coming From Love

When We Are Coming From The Heart…

Our Bodies Are Love.

Lead Them Thru Life WithYour Heart.

See With Your Heart…

Feel With Your Body!