Dear Powerful Readers,

The upcoming book, RoadMap to Personal Power, is a compilation of 40+ years of my metaphysical research and involvement. As a naturally inquisitive being and Empath, I have been searching for most of my entire life for answers in books, workshops, tapes, lectures, etc., to all of life's questions. This book is a condensed version of all I have learned throughout my studies, with the knowledge and the awareness that can help guide you on your path to reclaiming your Personal Power!

This book is about Loving and Accepting every part of your being. It's about allowing yourself to be who you are, as you are, and not what someone else thinks you should be. It is about reclaiming your freedom, to think and feel in ways that are right for you! It’s about learning to listen and trust that innermost voice that speaks from your heart, your soul, your intuition. It's understanding that you know what is right for you, for no one has lived in your body as you, experienced the journey of life as you have, or held the beliefs that you hold. You have all the answers and you always have.

RoadMap to Personal Power is set up to be easy to use and reference. There is a workbook at the end of every chapter that will reiterate the teachings and assist you to clear out any blockages, stories, or old beliefs that are not honoring your life any more. There are quotes throughout the chapters from myself and the greatest masters of life to emphasise the teachings, as well as  meditations, tips, and exercises for a full learning experience so you can regain your Personal Power once and for all!

By learning something new each day, we open our horizons and allow ourselves new ways of thinking and acting. We come to understand that who we are does make a difference. For we are free spirits and do not have to live by other’s standards. We are all here as unique individuals. It is our God given right is to stand strong in who we are and what we believe, knowing we are Loved always and forever.

When we understand our journey, our mission here on this planet, we are able to go deeper within ourselves in order to touch our souls. We are able to feel and know who we are and why we are here. The RoadMap to Personal Power is about the Light (and the dark) sides of our emotions, beliefs, and histories. We will uncover those feelings and thoughts you pushed way down deep inside, and discover how your thoughts and attitudes affect your health and emotional ways of acting and being. Throughout this journey we will be bringing these feelings to the surface to be Loved and healed once and for all. We will use easy, practical, and economical ways of dealing with them on a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual level. I feel the way we learn is through our experiences and our emotional landscape. That is why you will see most all of our human emotional feelings and thoughts featured.

We must look at our dark sides to find the messages they bring, for they often are the keys to unlocking our full potential. By looking at all our issues in new ways we alter our realities, and thus free ourselves from the confines of our minds, which often trigger emotional upheavals in our lives. It's all about our thoughts and how we view all of life's trials and tribulations. Through Unconditional Love for others and ourselves, we find the answer to everything is Love. It is all about how we ride the Highway of Life to our dreams!

So come and enjoy life with me for a short time on this journey into who we really are and why we are here! Know that you and I together make a difference on this planet. We are on our beautiful and majestic drive into the depths of our souls, and then going up into the scenic hilltops of Love, harmony, peace, and joy!

I thank you for your time and honor you for joining me on this life-awakening journey. This journey into your Highest Awareness, your highest being-ness. Enjoy your travels while discovering your RoadMap to Personal Power!...

Blessings and Sincere Gratitude for our Ride Together!

In Love and Light,



PS. At the end of every workbook is a Facebook POWER Question dedicated to the chapter’s teachings. Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate on every topic, or just those that inspire you. Sharing this truth with the world will heal the planet one person at a time, as we all gain our Personal Power back and focus again solely on Love…That is the Soul Mission of this book!

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