NM hands w:dust Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics is an amazing new field of study that is coming forward in books, magazines, and even in spiritual classes! Quantum Physics is the study of the behavior of matter and energy on the atomic and subatomic level. Many leading scientists today say that we actually have the Universe living inside of us. We are built of the same matter as the stars. That statement to me is almost unfathomable.


How we, as human beings, are truly built of stars and that the entire cosmos are contained within us is perplexing but exciting! This means our human potential is so abundant, that we only need to tap into this world to become all that we ever wanted or desired. Research has proven that beyond any doubt our genetic destiny, our thoughts, and our health outcomes are not fixed or predetermined as was once thought. We can now think in terms of Love and Abundance, rather than old beliefs of lack and struggle. We no longer need to be stuck and lost because of an old family belief or outdated ancestral patterns.

When we connect with the energy of the planet, we start to see amazing quantum phenomenons around us all the time! Have you ever wondered how migratory birds know exactly how to migrate? Do they have a built in quantum chemical compass to tell them which way is north? A journey often thousands of miles long!

Or have you ever questioned how a human nose can distinguish between thousands of different smells? Our bodies are constantly sensing and probing in quantum biology!

According to Newtonian Physics the apple falls from the tree and the Universe is a machine made up of parts. When we have all the information, from all the parts, then we should be able to predict the future of the Universe. Of course, there are glitches in this system because so many of life’s existence can’t be explained. Take meditation for example: When one can feel this power of pure consciousness. People can change a tumor with the power of their thoughts. Scientists have proven that thought can change matter. This proves the pure potential in the Power of how we think and feel, can and will change our reality and our biology.

All of this is so amazing! Just think: not one of the over 8 billion souls (and growing) can look exactly like you, think like you, have a day like you, or experience anything as you do. That is such an amazing fact when you think about it! How often have you even met someone that looks like someone you know? Not many I am sure. Such a huge plan of an infinite nature and here we are: a microcosm of the macrocosm.

In my first Quantum Physics class, when I heard we were made of stardust, I was amazed and dumbfounded! I then realized we are all made as a special and unique piece of Joy. I understood that your life is yours and yours alone. You can create it how you wish, as you wish, and you have the total option to fill it full of Joy or sorrow. You have the capabilities of choice of how to live, act, and feel on your RoadMap to Personal Power.

Love your body, mind, and emotions to create your reality! For how you think…is how you feel! You are the Master of Your Destiny! You are Pure Love, the Quantum Manifestor!…