Buddha Happiness quote

Today during this auspicious time, the Divine feminine energy is coming thru to match with the Divine masculine energy. This union sparks a time of great creativity, Joy, and healing for both men and women! A Divine balance of both creates Happiness and peace in all of us. Men and women alike were created with both feminine and male energy inside. This healing and blending will allow men to be able to now access their emotions, and truly feel their feelings easily and quickly. Women will also benefit because they will be able to regain their own individual power to synthesize, categorize, and contextualize their feelings and emotions. Men will understand that women feel, and women will recognize and appreciate that men think. With the healing, balancing, and acknowledging of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, relationships of all types will be much more harmonious and Happier. This is a gift to all, which creates an exciting time of awakening to our Divine potential through our male and female aspects, a spiritual blending of both energies! What will come through is a greater knowledge and understanding that our sexuality, bodies, minds, and spirits are the avenues and the RoadMap to Personal Power.

We will no longer believe the road to Ascension is held in our upper 3 chakras (as I was once taught). Joy and Happiness actually come through the union of the entire self, our whole unique being. Through the completeness of the whole self, we can easily travel the road to the 5th dimension and higher. We do this mainly through our emotions, which is energy in motion. Our emotions are our avenues to feelings. When we choose to make our journey one of Joy and passion for what we Love, we are making a conscious choice to connect with who we truly are. Taking responsibility for our own Happiness in all areas of our life leads us to a deep inner contentment and Joy.

Our passion and Joy is one of the gateways into the Divine human experience. We were built for Joy in all areas of our lives. We are one unit of pure potentiality. It’s up to us to live, feel, and experience our Joy, our laughter, our fun, our liveliness, and our overall bliss!

“Follow Your Bliss and Don’t be Afraid, and Doors Will Open Where You Didn’t Know Where
Were Going To Be.”
-Dalai Lama

This is who we are. Our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother only want the best for us, just as any parents would want for their children. They have given us the gifts that are far beyond our greatest Joys. We just need to believe, not be afraid, and know this fact in our reality. So let’s all go out and live our passions, whether it is in the bedroom, the boardroom, the backyard, or wherever your personal journey takes you! Joy is your birthright! So grab it and encourage it to grow and prosper, so that you can be all you were meant to be! Life is for the Joy in loving, laughing, and living, so seize the day! Make it yours, for you only go around this way once, so create it in just the way that’s specifically yours, just how you like it.

So how about giving that Happiness and Joy to the world through your thoughts, actions, and words? Be the catalyst for change, giving Love where there has been pain, laughter and Joy where there has been grief and sadness.

Be the Candle in the Darkness, and the Lighthouse in the Rough Waters to
Create a Difference on this Planet.

We are the forerunners, the frontier’s men and women on the forefront of a new world, one of peace, unity, harmony, and Joy! I believe our highest and grandest vision is in the new science of Quantum Physics, which states we are the Universe, so the Universe is inside of us! That is an amazing statement when you think about it! It also can feel a little way out and rather scary. How can this be? Am I really that powerful? Can I really feel Joy in being bigger than I ever believed possible? How come no one ever told me that I am made up of stardust? When you even fathom these thoughts, they can actually create new realities within and new brain wave patterns of Joy and Happiness. Could it be that we won’t even have to travel to the moon, for the moon is inside of us, and that we are literally part of the stars? Is it true that we have capabilities we never even imagined and that we are really Master’s in our own right? Doesn’t this sound Joyful, exciting, and uplifting? Remember, we become what we believe!

The real vision and fact is that there is a whole world out there that we never dreamed possible for our children, our children’s children, and ourselves. This also means that we are all one, and that everyone else is a part of us and also part of the Universe. These are very mind expanding ideas and I could go on and on. It certainly means we don’t have to earn our place on the RoadMap of life!

There is nothing to do, nowhere to go, for we are all of it! We are the Joy…We just have to believe it!

Written with Love & Light in “RoadMap to Personal Power”

-Nancy G. Miller