Excerpt from Chapter 12: Fear

“We Can Easily Forgive a Child Who is Afraid of the Dark;

The Real Tragedy of Life is When Men Are

Afraid of the Light.”


Do you know what happens to your body when you go into Fear? Thousands of chemical reactions happen simultaneously in your body to cause an emotional, physical, mental, and psychological response. Thousands of neurons and chemicals are then being fired up. Your body is responding in the same way as if you were meeting a tiger head on in the jungle. Your body goes into a “Flight or Fight” response. It happens automatically. This is how we are wired, even though most of us will never actually be in the jungle fighting a tiger! The common question is: “How can this happen when I live in the city, not the jungle, and I am not meeting a tiger?” Amazing as it sounds, our bodies are ancient, and hold the DNA and thought patterns of many lifetimes, realities, circumstances, and timelines.

I feel everyone has an underlying current of Fear running thru them nowadays. It’s hard not too! In America, ever since 9-11, our lives have changed. As a nation we often feel on the verge of an attack, especially now with other terrorists always on the news. Our news, Internet, Social Media, and our newspapers are constantly producing Fear in us at every turn. We see horrid events broadcast in front of us daily, as we sit in front of our television or computer screens. Terror gangs in neighborhoods that once were a safe and Lovely place to live. Shootings in schools, restaurants, in malls, etc. It’s around us everywhere! It is not just happening here in America, but around the world on a personal and global basis. All nationalities, races, colors, and creeds are experiencing some type of Fear in their native land. It’s ever present on the news showing places we may never of heard of before, being collapsed in Fear and bloodshed. This then causes a global consciousness, which means if everyone is feeling Fear and trepidation, it expands and grows, expanding to all of us on the planet.

“Fear is Pain Arising from the Anticipation of Evil.”


Fear is an emotion that causes us to feel totally out of control. It often causes us to lose it and act in ways that we don’t understand. In Fear, we often loose all our senses. This is an out of control feeling. I understand now how we as human beings want to be in control at all times. When we can’t feel in control, we feel powerless. We become fearful when we feel powerless. When we go into Fear, our minds often connect right away to something in our past that scared us. Fear is one of the biggest challenges we as human beings face in our lifetime. We all experience it to various degrees in its many forms: from worries to anxiety, to anger, to sadness, and depression. Stress is also a part of Fear, because when we are really stressed, we are often afraid to look at the reasons why we are so stressed. We are also afraid to make decisions that will bring on any stress. As you can see, overall we are simply afraid of the unknown.

Our Lives are Meant to be Lived with Joy, Peace, Love, and Harmony!

We Are Not Born to Live in Fear and Worry.

It’s all up to us by knowing how we think, how we feel, what we say, and what we do. This awareness and knowledge can make the true difference in our life. We need to learn that we must be true to ourselves in all our thoughts and actions. We need to walk our talk. We need to stay in integrity and Power to avoid the everyday common feelings of Fear that can arise so quickly and easy.

Have you ever thought that as you feel your Fear and move thru it with Love and non-resistance, that you are helping all the other 7 billion plus souls on the planet move thru theirs too? For we all are connected and we are all one. As you move thru your pain and your Fear, you are helping another in your soul group, your nationality, your country, or those half-way around the globe. Who you are is making a difference! Your Soul Mission is just being here at this point in time for the evolution of Mother Earth to show up in your greatness and to help bring the planet into wholeness! You must learn to Love yourself fully, Love all the areas that you experiencing, even Fear, as difficult as it may be at times.

Workbook Includes: Affirmations and 6 Exercises: Tools to Overcome Fear, Questions for Soul Discovery, Spiritual Lessons, Things to Avoid in Fear, How to Listen to your Body During Fear, and Taking Responsibility to Change your Fear

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