RMPP Life is a Meditation tan


Through meditation, visualization, and being open to asking the Divine, you will be able to manifest a new visualization, which will then be your new reality.

Meditation (going inward) isn’t running away from yourself, but moving into the center of who you really are, the Divine being you were meant to be! Through awareness and breath work, we get in touch with our souls, which brings us our true Joy. The Joy with that we were born with, meant to comprehend, know, and feel deeply in the core of our being.

We Are Here to Live the Passion of Who We Are.

Meditation is a wonderful prescription for frustration and impatience. We must realize all will come in due time and not before. When we fight against the timetable set up by our Divine self, we cause agitation and tension. Feelings of low self-esteem trickle in, and concerns come forward like, the pay raise not coming forth, to the right job not showing up. The list is endless, for we are fighting against an empty battle to what really is happening. It’s all in Divine timing. Letting go, allowing, and knowing that every situation that shows up in our lives is for our greatest growth.

Remember: Patience brings Peace. Even that long line at the food store is teaching us a new lesson and a new way to dealing with life’s little obstacles. Believe it or not, it’s the “ants not the elephants” that can cause us more frustration and anger. So next time you are confronted with a situation or obstacle that is pushing against you and you are pushing back, the energy that is being created will never solve the problem. By relaxing and moving away from the problem, and then coming back to it later, you often will find it resolves itself. This happens because you allowed the energy to relax and you realized all will happen as it is supposed to.