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Can You Be Your Own Best Friend?

How can I befriend my body? What if the answer really lies in the question: What do you look for in a best friend? Maybe it’s kindness, compassion, being there for you, or listening when you need help. Possibly it is feeling Love and positive feedback. Now try asking yourself: Can I do this for my mind, body, and emotions? Can I treat them all like my very own best friend? Give them the importance they deserve? Wouldn’t that be a very powerful thing to do?

This may sound like a very tall order right now! I know in my case, I often took my body for granted and sometimes didn’t talk kindly to it. I often could have compassion and forgiveness for others, but not myself. When I had an ache or pain I often got upset that I couldn’t function like everyone else. I finally realized my body had actually been there for me, taken care of me over the years by keeping me alive, giving me pleasure, and taking me from place to place.

In return for Her care… How well did I take care of my body and my feelings? Such as soothing, feeding, and exercising it? Or on the other hand, in what ways did I run it down by feeding it junk food, talking to myself unkindly, being critical, embarrassed or disappointed in how I acted, felt or looked? I know there were many times I wished I was different and just wanted to look like a movie star! What kind of a best friend is that?

I realized in so many ways I was critical of my body, emotions, or how my mind worked. I often felt let down by it or wished it were different! I would get mad at it because I felt it was too fat, had wrinkles, and was getting older! I was mean to my body when it didn’t act or do what I wanted. It then dawned on me…Would I ever treat my best friend like that?

I realized my body, my emotions, and my mind were talking to me all the time. It was time I gave myself an out! I was never taught in school, church, or home to have a filter on my thoughts, or to stand up for myself in my own mind. This is a total learning process that takes time, Love, and positive attention. It also requires one to make the commitment to go inward, be still, and listen to the bodies messages.

I realized in many ways my religious upbringing and spiritual classes had me separate from my body and emotions, making this “good” and that “bad.” So I was numb and constantly in judgement. I was the critic to the small child within, my life-long friend. That friend that just wants love and tells me all the time, especially through pain. How often did I listen to Her cries for help?

Now I am working on imagining my body, mind, and emotions as my dear best friend that I treat with love and compassion. As I cherish myself, I know that I will feel better mentally, physically, and emotionally. I also know I will have more energy, be more resilient, and most likely live longer. But most important of all, I will be my authentic self living from my own Personal Power, following my highest calling which is Love…

Will you join me on this highway called Life and become your very own Best Friend?


In Love & Light,


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