This website and upcoming book is about loving and accepting every part of your being. It’s about allowing yourself to be who you are, as you are, and not what someone else thinks you should be. It’s about reclaiming your freedom to think and feel in ways that are right for you! About learning to listen and trust that inner most voice in your heart. That voice that speaks from your heart, your soul, your intuition. Not the voice of your doctor, your dentist, your preacher, your politician or your lawyer. It’s in the knowing that you know what is right for you, for no one has lived in your body as you, or experienced the experiences you have or held the beliefs that you hold, so you have all the answers. You are the true authority on you. For your knowledge, your feelings, and your thoughts are your RoadMap to Personal Power.

By finding all the pieces of oneself, physically emotionally mentally and spiritually, we then can empower ourselves to find our way, the only way right for us. For only your body can tell you what it needs to maintain health, vitality and balance. Only your Heart Mind can give you your answers to all your emotional needs. My hope in the many chapters of this book, to give you easy and practical ideas in a concise form to help you on your journey into wholeness.

This book is about understanding our journey, our mission here on this planet. It is about going deeper within ourselves in order to touch our souls. To feel and know who we are and why we are here. It is is about the light and dark sides of ourselves, our emotions, those feelings and thoughts we push way down deep inside of us, our thoughts and attitudes and how they affect our health and emotional ways of acting and being. For I believe we are really here to look at all the parts of ourselves that are hidden so deep down within, pushed so far down, so that no one can see or know. We are bringing these feelings to the surface and finding easy, practical and economical ways of dealing with them on a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

This book is about seeing our truth and taking our power back. By loving and accepting ourselves every inch of the way. By riding on the road map of life in a centered and balanced way we become open to new ideas and new thoughts to give ourselves permission to let go of our old stories to build new more lasting fulfilling ones.

By learning something new each day, we open our horizons and allow ourselves new ways of thinking and acting. We come to understand that who we are does make a difference. For we are free spirits and do not have to live by others standards. We are all here as unique individuals and our God given right is to stand strong in who we are and what we believe knowing we are loved always and forever.

My goal for all of us in this book is our self empowerment to believe in who we are and reclaim our freedom. To take back our personal power instead of giving it away. To trust our intuition, our hunches, for they are right for us. To use this book as a road map to keep us on course to the long lost treasures inside ourselves.

There might be times of hurt, pain, sadness, and anger along the way, but don’t worry we are just clearing out the old to find the gold at the end of the rainbow. We are just allowing all the parts of ourselves, body, mind, emotions and spirit to become one, for they are all intermingled. We need to be able to be more in touch with our feelings and emotions and truly look at their dark sides, to find the messages they bring, for they often are the keys to unlocking our full potential. My wish in this book is to bring safe alternatives, thoughts and ideas instead of constant painful emotions, drugs or habitual destructive behaviors. By looking at all our issues in new ways, we alter our realities and thus free us from the confines of our minds which often trigger emotional upheavals in our lives. 

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark;

the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”


PS… I do not have a doctorate, I am not a psychologist or a psychiatrist (but I will share with you I have seen my fair share), I am also not a fancy author. What I am is a person who has been searching for most of her entire life for answers in books, workshops, tapes, lectures, etc. to all of life’s questions. And my goal in this book is to share with you a condensed version of all the knowledge and awarenesses I have learned to help guide you in your personal empowerment, on your RoadMap to Personal Power. For there is no perfect person on this earth and every author no matter how famous is learning along with you as they are writing their book, and many of them have experienced great pain and hardships in their lives to be where they are today.

For we are all in this together, as you learn I learn, as you grow I grow. For our Creator’s gift to all of us was to know and understand how unique and beautiful we all are just as we are. That unconditional love for ourselves is the answer to everything, and for us all to see and understand that we all are really one! One in love, peace, and joy but unique in who and what we are. May we all find the joy that no one is better than us and that we all can be empowered to be the best we can be. That we all have emotional responses and triggers and that we all need tolerance and love for ourselves and others on this road called life.

So come and enjoy life with me for a short time in this journey of you and me in this book. For we can together make a difference on this planet you and I together in love, peace, and joy!

Blessings and Thanks,