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Surrender to the Divine Flow Within…


When we Surrender to the Divine Flow within us, we allow ourselves to focus, create, and imagine a beautiful current of life force energy moving through us. This energy guides and awakens us to our full potential. I have brought up many times in my book soon to be in print, that we are all a product of generations of negativity and these aspects take time and dedication to move through. In many cases also, as in my other blogs we as Lightworkers are catalysts for other loved ones, to move through dense and difficult areas in their lives. This is hard and difficult work. That can often be very painful and sap of us our energy.

How do we keep our energy? We surrender.

If we fill our inner self with Divine Love, we can feel a Surrendering, a letting go of the need to feel superior to others, the need to be right, the need to control, judge, or argue. By Surrendering your attachments to these very human responses, we allow the space to feel, to know, and to understand the Guiding Light that is within. It is not that you let go of all responsibility for your life, it is rather a realization that all situations, experiences, realities, habits, and perspectives (past, present, and future) are born from within you, through you, and for you. This allows one to heal, Love, transform, validate, and take full responsibility, knowing that all is in Divine perfection. That all that is being presented in this moment is your Soul Mission to be Loved, understood, validated, and allowed to move into the flow of who you are. The Divine human made manifest. In doing so, you become the God force in action. You recognize that when your entire being is in harmony with the essence of who you truly are, you simply flow through life with ease and perfection.

How do we re-boost our Life force?

If we imagine ourselves as a very large battery, being charged with pink, gold, and green energies, we become a vessel that calls forth our greatest potential. We need to visualize these colors filling our entire beings until we feel their essence, for they are the colors of Divine creation. In doing so, we feel ourselves being charged with a Life Force energy from the Source. With our Divine imagination, we then can sense and imagine a current running through our bodies, which connects us back to our Divine perfection.

I believe this is an ongoing process of Ascension, one that calls us to harmonize with our Divine essence, vibration, and frequency within, in order to exist in the Divine Flow of the Creator. When we can recognize these are taking place, our life then flows more easily, there is a deeper presence of love, synchronicities manifest, and greater self-awareness unfolds. This is when you will know that you are bonding, connecting with, and experiencing the Perfection of the Universe.

I feel it is so important not to be discouraged if all of this is not happening in the the speed and manner in which you desire. Ascension to the 5th dimension is a process of Surrendering and letting go, for all darkness must come to the surface to be brought into the Light, to be healed, transformed, and ultimately Loved. This takes time, Love, attention, courage, and patience.

We are here as Angels to help all of the collective on Earth to move together into the Light. This is a huge job to awaken a whole planet, an amazing Soul Mission! Congratulate and Love yourself for your gift to the entire planet, as you move through your journey into your own awareness, and Surrender on your own RoadMap to Personal Power


In Love & Light,

Nancy G. Miller

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