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Release Expectations…Avert Heartache

“Expectation Is The Root of All Heartache.”

-William Shakespeare

I know in my own life, Expectation has been the root of many of my heartaches. I expected my husband to act a certain way, for my children to treat me a certain way, and all those certain ways had an Expectations connected to them. I thought that I knew the best way they should treat me according to my beliefs and how I was raised. I realized those beliefs weren’t theirs, and I was imposing my beliefs and my controls on them.

I discovered that when we expect others to act in a certain way and they don’t, we can get hurt and upset because they don’t do what we wanted and expected them to do! Then there is a scenario for hurt, anger, and resentment. We actually wanted them to do it our way, the way we felt was right. We often don’t even realize that we were trying to control the actions of another with our Expectations. Even if we have the best of intentions, we were creating our own heartaches with our unmet set Expectations (as William Shakespeare so rightfully expressed). We actually want what we want, when we want it, and exactly how we want it.

The unloved child within us is actually having a huge nasty temper tantrum at this time. That child is actually screaming for our love and our attention. It is then through our awareness that change can occur. I found the way for me to ease through this incident was for me to act the same I would as a loving parent to a small child. Give the child (myself ) a time-out for self reflection, meditation, and self care. I found it was also helpful talking to my inner child, asking her why she was acting out the way she was, and what she needed and wanted.

When I stepped back in reflection and peace, I was then able to see my actions from a higher perspective, realizing they were produced by a constant conditioning from my difficult childhood. I was then capable to make small changes daily, which have made HUGE changes over time. When I started to see this ongoing healing work, as part of my Soul Mission to help me reach my highest potential, my RoadMap to Personal Power, it took on greater meaning.

This made my journey through triggers, heartaches, tantrums, and expectations far more worthy of my time, attention, and love. This knowledge actually helped me see my pain in a higher light! All the work and effort to heal the child within with Love, made my personal pain worthwhile. I also discovered a valuable gift for myself and the world, for what we do and what we feel does make a difference for all of us!

When we do this important internal Love work, we jump on the super highway of life! We help to heal that frightened, hurt, damaged child embedded within us. In doing this work we have created our own RoadMap to Personal Power, we have become our own Master Guru. We are doing the work we were created for, our personal Soul Mission, to become Love and Light, sharing that gift with everyone we meet on this journey called Life!

Final Thought: Maybe to become one’s own Master Guru is more important than I (or anyone) ever thought possible! To know that we have always been outstanding, unique, and special, is something that is never taught in our schools, families, churches, etc. When we are being the Love and Light as we were created to be, we are changing ourselves and our entire world.

“Following the Light of the sun, we left the Old World.”

-Christopher Columbus

In Love & Light,

Nancy G. Miller


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